Emerging trends in Indian marriages…

Emerging trends in Indian marriages…


Indian weddings that are known for its great pomp and show have donned a new garb in the recent years. From engagement to wedding day and post wedding reception, everything has gone under an enchanting change making this already stylish affair more interesting. Arrangements that were previously a responsibility of family members are being made by new breed of event managers called wedding planners. For these wedding managers, a wedding is not only a union of two hearts but also a project that has to be carried out successfully. They are giving wings to flight of fancy of young couples. With there help tying knots in a flying airplane and getting hitched at a beach resort are no more daydreams.

Not only arrangements but wedding preparation of bride and groom has also taken a chic turn. Now bride and groom wear wedding dresses that are specially designed for them by a designer. Now couples have a definite say in their wedding costume. These fashion designers design special dresses for different wedding rituals. As Indian weddings have a number of rituals hence elegantly dressed bride or groom instantly draws the attention.

Indian cinema has always influenced the society and nuptials are no exception. Nowadays people seek the services of some choreographers so that they can shake legs confidently on the day of weddings. You can see the families practicing dance steps on the tune of some famous film music. The entire efforts are being made to recreate the magic on the day of wedding.

Traditional weddings have given way to stylish theme weddings, where entire wedding revolves around the chosen theme. If the theme of wedding is color red, then everything right from venue to costume and other paraphernalia should be red. It might seem exaggerated but it is not difficult to arrange, as there are vendors to provide everything of your choice. It might be expensive but no one worries about budget if it is an occasion like wedding.

Bridal’s emerging trends-

Bridal outfit

This shift is most apparent in the look more and more brides are choosing for their wedding ceremony. Moving away from red and maroon, which are traditionally the colours for the Indian bride, we now see bridal outfits in pale pastels, shades of blue, purple and even white, with emphasis on personal preference of colour, the time of the year or season and the time of the day for the wedding. From heavy embroidery and embellishments, the focus is now shifting to structured outfits to flatter one’s body type and also provide comfort as most Indian wedding ceremonies last long hours. Getting a designer to create the bridal outfit or consulting with one before buying a readymade outfit would ensure that one doesn’t end up with a style of garment that is not suited to one’s body type.


Make up

Bridal makeup too has seen a marked shift from crimson lips and nails and heavily pancaked faces. The brides today want to look more natural and more like themselves and choose to play up their best features. Some know exactly the kind of look they want right down to the minutest detail, as for the  other would be brides, professional help is at hand. To help you decide on what look works best, there are numerous free of charge, do-it-yourself makeup tutorials available on the internet today. Try a few at home alone or with the help of a friend to narrow it down to the selected options which can then be discussed with the makeup artist. Also, insisting on makeup and hair trials lets you have control over the end result. 

Planning the ceremony

Smaller weddings, simple ceremonies are gaining in popularity, making what people are doing at weddings more important than what they wear. For some people a small wedding may mean lesser guests, for some it may mean toning down the look and the feel of the décor. The appeal of a small wedding and the flexibility it provides are making it a new popular trend. For reasons ranging from the desire to make it an intimate and romantic experience to budget constraints, more and more brides are now planning their wedding to suit themselves, rather than making it a people-pleasing affair. To think festivity and creativity in place of rigidity, is what sets today’s bride apart from her yesteryear counterparts.

These wedding are well liked by non resident Indians who often feel nostalgic about India. These weddings are interesting mix of old and new traditions. Here one can see traditional horse cart for wedding procession and limousine for bringing bride at groom’s place after wedding. Similarly the catering arrangements have also changed and now you can savor cuisines from different corners of the world. In short, the aura of Indian weddings refuses to fade.

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