Marriages: Online v/s Offline and Privacy

Marriages: Online v/s Offline and Privacy

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears…
In today's world consumers are the ultimate king because the players serving them are many with
a one-stop solution. Goods and services are catered by understanding the requirement and further
improve the current service and serve them with even better products.

In the current era, things are a click away featuring books, gadgets, clothes, grocery items and
even your life partner. With time being the major factor, matching making has shifted to the
lower half of the bucket list of a person.
Getting a higher education with latest and greatest features and later building the career,
marriage has lost its priority over the current generation.

In India, marriages have always been the traditional way where the locals or our relatives come
ahead at a certain point of time as their moral duty to get two individuals marry each other. In the
age of Tinder, there is a shift in the trend.

With globalization, matchmaking has also shifted from traditional route towards an online route,
catering the person with thousands of options available. Things are simple, one needs to just

share his\her bio as well as the segment you are looking for, these portals will serve you with an
ocean of options matching your requirements. Every portal, irrespective of its nature and
platform requires the information of individuals to serve them with best and close to perfect
Seeing the recent Facebook data breach controversy, sharing your bio with any online portals
have raised eyes as the individual privacy is at risk. Every activity of individuals is being tracked
just in order to serve them better for the purpose ranging from generating profits to forming
In India, successful marriages are based on love and trust, and this trust is truly maintained by
Ultra Rich Match, a matchmaking for millionaires.

Saurabh, the director of Ultra Rich Match initially worked for TCS for 3yrs and then having
realized this gap-of- need he started the Ultra-rich Match where he delivers only to a nichè class.
He is a very humble person and is absolutely professional with his work.

The company in its vision statement has focused on three points :
In an exclusive interview published in Times of India, Saurabh states that"Apart from matching
the physical parameters like age, height, complexion, body type, we also match the intellectual
and financial compatibilities, career ambitions and lifestyles. As mentioned before, we meet the
prospect and their families directly to find out their attributes and understand their requirements.

A business family prefers another business family. An intellectual looks for an equally educated
match. City of residence has recently become another very important factor these days, as
youngsters don't prefer to leave their career because of marriage."

Moreover, there has also been a case study at Harvard Business School ENG

With a good number of matches of the elite across many countries, communities & ages in their
basket, the company is seeking to serve the ultra-rich of the nation and with a mission of getting
listed company within next 8 years.

Also, check their social presence on various platforms.


  • Blog written – Utkarsh Tripathi