Weddings are so much more

In India wedding is not just an event it is an occasion. An occasion where entire family gets together, an occasion where all near and dear ones participate and of course an occasion where two souls meet for rest of their life. While the so called big fat Indian wedding has its own misgivings, but whether it is a general middle class or an ultra rich class, a wedding in the family is always a special occasion where host looks to lay out as grand a function as possible to make the event memorable both for the couple as well as the guests.
With so much readiness to spend, especially in ultra rich segment, the allied industries like matchmaking, event planning, jewellery, bridal wear and what not are making hay. With finances in place the question is whether for an ultra rich family its ability to spend is enough to ensure a memorable event. Probably not. For an ultra rich client the services too need to be value added. They may not mind spending money but they definitely look for value for the money spent. Jewellery needs to be designer, bridal wear customised for taste and design, event planning should be lavish, guest management grand, themes and colours should be spot on and the list goes on and on. The ultra rich class is abreast with the latest in trends and when it comes to weddings they are on a look out for something different. The business of weddings also then becomes one of imagination, innovation and continuous evolution.
An end to end wedding company that deals in match making, wedding planning and also beyond wedding through honeymoon packages has an opportunity to be involved in major part of the operating cycle in the conduct and arrangement of marriage. To carve out a niche in the ultra rich segment, hence, the focus should be on value adds. This could be through ideas and innovation in delivery of service at each step.