Arranged Marriages in modern times

The modern context talks so much about liberalisation of social practices in India. With growing middle class, increasing city dwelling population, rise in education and global exposure the urban culture of modern India is the main driver of social change. Surprisingly, matchmaking and the concept of arranged marriages which many had opined would lose their relevance with increasing trend of westernization in society has sustained its importance. Boom in the online matchmaking sites over the past 10 years is an important indicator of this robustness. The tradition has sustained on the back of technology.
It is also an overrated stereotype that the affluent class has it easy when it comes to flexibility in going for alternatives to arranged marriage. In fact the phenomenon called arranged marriage becomes trickier with the ultra rich segment. The credibility in terms of background checks and net worth figures can be highly misleading. Social stature, business status, caste, education, inheritance and much more is at stake in this ultra rich class. When they look out for a service for match making and wedding planning, this class doesn’t mind spending but at the same time needs a service that provides credibility and is many notches different from general match making websites flooded with profiles. The service also needs to facilitate the meeting of the ultra rich families as these may be the difference between making or breaking a deal.
Hence, while the fad of increasing number of love marriages sweep across our times, arranged marriages have held their forte in the Indian context. With rising income and number of ultra rich on rise, new services that cater to the concerned needs are creating their own space. is one service that caters to this segment in a focussed manner. The idea is to limit your service to a niche segment of elite to generate credibility and quality of service. The business of arranged marriages is still on big time and in a highly competitive scenario mantra is to survive by creating sustainable points of difference.


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