The importance of wedding….

Marriages are made in heaven”, but we all want to bring heaven on this earth. Marriage plays a very important role in one’s life. In present times life is so fast moving that nobody has time to spend with his or her relatives, parents, family etc., but being a human being every one wants a second heart to share their pains. When they are alone in their old age they need a partner to share their life with.

Wedding is one’s dream which he or she tries to fulfill at-least once in their lifetime. When a girl attains an understandable age she begins to frame a picture of her wedding day, the surroundings they belongs to, the other wedding parties they attend to, talks with his/her friends are all significant moments which helps frame a dream about his/her wedding day.

Each one of us believes or dreams that when such a day will come we will do something which we will remember all our lifetime; we want to fulfill all our wishes and would rather do extra things than regretting for not fulfilling our wishes. In short we all want it to be a perfect day and everything has to be perfect whether it is our partner or the wedding dress, or the place, everything needs to be perfect.

We all think that we will have such a partner, for whom we will devout ourselves, try to fulfill all his wishes. In the same way we dream that on our wedding day we will be one of the best brides or grooms. One of the most beautiful bride or groom, our wedding takes place at one of the best locations of this world; all the arrangements, decorations, wedding dress, flowers, jewellary etc are one of the best which have never ever been done by others. All the guests heaps praise on the bride and remember the event for their lifetime. It is a long affair and happens mostly once in a lifetime so we all try to make it memorable. Every person is bounded in his or her financial limits and in those financial limits he or she has to fulfill his or her dreams. So we try to get best things in least prices. Wedding is not just a one day affair; it is a cluster of ceremonies and takes two or three days or even more. So it needs lot of planning on this account.

Today in the market wedding planners are also available, who try to provide you with all the services, but they charges you very high. But I personally think, and I feel most of you would agree to it, that we all want that such an important event of our life should have some personal touch. But some of us are not satisfied with this alone and believe in doing each and everything ourselves, organize each and every ceremony by our own hands, but for this we need adequate resource so that we see all the available options at one point and at one time.


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