Why wedding planners are impotent

Well, wedding is supposed to be the happiest, ethereal and the most transformational experience of your life as it marks the commencement of a new world, new hopes, new get-up-and-gos and elevated plane of being. Perhaps it’s normal, perhaps it’s weird, but to be very honest this event is something everyone of us dreams of planning, celebrating and living since adolescence.

No doubt, we often relive the vague memories of boring speeches of high school or celebrating our 21st birthday in a crowded restaurant with friends, killing our bucks which were gathered from past few months for the birthday bash! Memories of those days also make you laugh when you came under the influence of your first drink – the holy father of all beverages. But dude, attempting to transmit some slurred philosophical speeches in mad high situation, eagerly awaiting the arrival of latest book of Harry Potter or memorizing the first few dates with your crush where everything appeared potential but nothing sure, can’t ever trespass your wedding day – the day when your life takes the biggest turn.

Indeed, if you believe in “I do” phenomenon rather than “I do…..for now” like Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner or Martin Scorsese, then surely your wedding will be counted among ‘once in a lifetime experiences,’ and an experience which holds a paramount importance similar to the character of Ingrid Bergman in “Casablanca.”
So, here’s the deal. You’re all set for the red-letter day with immense anticipations when rings will be shared in fingers. And now when you have realized its significance; you have to prepare yourself for palling arrays of decisions, managing a snowstorm of checklists. And thus you might want to consider about hiring a top-drawer wedding planner, who won’t let anything fall through the cracks. Doesn’t matter your guest list includes 100 or 1000; the elegance and excellence of your wedding will be the greatest landmark of your life, if it is appreciated by the attendants.

Definitely, hiring a professional wedding planner alleviates a lot of stress that usually baffles the couple regarding the wedding venue, coverage, music, managing guests, the designer, the caterer and other backbreaking stuffs. After all, on this memorable occasion, you should not lose the sight of your own ambitions, trying to please your guests.

Remember, it’s your marriage that counts and it should be made a dream-come-true event by a professional who is not only creative and punctilious, but also a person who understands marriage is really made in heaven and every couple is unparalleled on this day.



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