Get prepared for your wedding

So you’ve set a date and you’ve bought the dress now you’ve got the rest of the wedding to plan and prepare for. A wedding takes a lot of thought and can sometimes take a lot of work. Here’s a few helpful tips not on how to plan the wedding itself but how to prepare yourself for the wedding.

1. Prepare, plan and make notes. The most helpful item to any bride to be is a diary or notebook. Treat it like your wedding bible. Carry it with you everywhere you go, even when you are not doing something for the wedding, you never know when you may need to make a note or reminder for later. Use it in the beginning to write down notes and ideas as you discuss them with your fiancée and family so that you have a reference to look back on as the days fly by. As you get closer to your big day your memory will be over-flowing with things to remember and to do, use the book to make lists and that way you won’t forget anything!

2. Remember that there are two of you involved. Unless your fiancee has made it definitively clear that he doesn’t want to be involved with the details then keep him in the loop. It’s so easy to get swept away, especially with so many other people offering thousands of their thoughts and opinions, but always keep in mind that it’s not just your day. Exchange thoughts and agree on things together, you will be happy with the result as it keeps you close right up to the ‘I do’s’.

3. Take time to yourself. A wedding brings about so much excitement and love but sometimes it can knock you off your feet. Appreciate everyone’s help but also remember to make an effort to take time to one side for yourself as the bride to de-stress and rest but also make even more of an effort to set aside alone time for you and your husband-to-be. As you get closer to the day, your time will be divided endlessly between a thousand tasks and conversations, it is important that you stay connected with the man you’re about to marry.

4. Create a haven. Turn your home into a haven, no money or enormous effort is required. Just keep things simple, have candles around or perhaps music that soothes you ready on the stereo. You will need somewhere to go to when things are getting hectic, just go home, close the doors, turn off the phone and relax even if it’s just for half an hour, you will appreciate the space and the break. Most of all make sure that everyone is aware that closed doors or phones means quiet time for the bride and groom.

5. The most important of all, enjoy everything, even the stressful moments. It flies by so fast, no matter how far ahead you are planning. Soak everything up before it’s all over and done with. Embrace the madness, expect the unexpected and stay calm, as long as you are marrying the person that you want to then nothing else matters.


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