Shaadi – A period of celebrations….

Your wedding celebration is perhaps the most intimate of any you will host. The style and tone
of this special day communicates to your guests who you are as a couple. It tells your story.
There are many beautiful ways to personalize your wedding celebration. One way to do this is by
celebrating the cultures, background and ethnicity of both you and your future spouse.

Each of the weddings is unique, fun and touching representation of two people and different
cultures coming together as one. More than a trend, it incorporating a couple’s culture(s) into
their wedding ceremony and subsequent celebration is a theme that should grow and continue.

The ceremony — Are there poems, vows or quotes that are particular to your heritage? Add them
to the ceremony and highlight them in your program; make note in the program of the origins
and history of the words you include. Ask whoever is marrying you to highlight it as well. In
the Korean wedding tradition, for example, special attention is paid by the bride to the groom’s

Attire — When we had the chance to experience an Indian wedding, we were entranced by the
beautiful saris and the Henna party before the big day, there special gowns, details, colors or
ornaments from your culture? Incorporate them to entertain and delight your guests.

The cake — One Irish tradition we show in the episode is that of the cake being made in Ireland
and sent to New York to celebrate the bride and groom — complete with horseshoe details
for luck! Different cultures serve a variety of things for the wedding meal dessert. Something
unexpected and unique that celebrates your heritage is a “sweet” gift to guests.

The dinner –Choosing what dishes you serve, and how, can be a very powerful and creative
way to share your culture with your guests. As we learned more about the some popular wedding
menu and the overflowing tables of seafood and beautifully colored dishes in some weeding, we
were delighted by the variety and celebration of it all. Research local cooking classes that teach
about foods of your culture or read traditional cookbooks.

Music and dance — In every wedding we had the pleasure of attending, dancing was a beautiful
and fun way to share the couple’s tradition with guests. From a Bollywood-style dance to each
wedding we attended used dance as a way to communicate the joy of this new union. There
are many local classes or individual dancers that can help you learn the dance of your family’s

Celebrating your traditions and honoring your heritage are beautiful acts of love and respect, for
both your spouse and your family. The jewel of information in regard to all this? Your parents,
Your grandparents, Talk to them. Ask them what they would like to see you highlight from their
cultures and what memories of their wedding they would feel excited about including in yours.

It’s the most important event of your life. You want it to be perfect. So what should you look for
in a wedding coordinator?

Our role to Celebrations as your wedding consultant is to be a facilitator, mediator, money
manager, artisan and constructor of dreams. We truly want to create a wedding day that is perfect
for you. You also know the kind of stress involved with planning a wedding. So we are also
ready to be your sounding board, mediator, and best friend when things get out of control.

Search the internet, visit your library. There are many resources like ultra rich match to help
you incorporate your own traditions into your big day, to help you make it your own and to
delight and surprise your guests every step along the way. lets your find your perfect life partner


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